Sunday, April 24, 2011

Windsor Clockwork: Handlebars

The next major component to be added to my Windsor Clockwork was a Nitto Noodle 44cm handlebar.  This is a beautiful component, very lightweight and smoothly rounded.

After positioning the brake levers, I wrapped the bar with Cinelli tan cork tape, and plugged the ends with sanded wine corks.  I used orange vinyl electrical tape for finishing the bar tops.  I covered the levers with Cane Creek tan gum rubber hoods.  These were, unfortunately, a bit too big.  They were squishy and flimsy to hold as a result.  Later on, I solved the problem by padding the metal lever bodies on all sides with strips of rubber, cut to shape and attached with double-stick tape.  The hoods then fit snugly on the levers.

Here's one of the MKS Sylvan touring pedals that I installed.  I have Power Grips coming, and also clips and straps.  I'll decide on one of these options after trying them both.

Here's the bike as I left it on Saturday night after these parts were put on.  It had rained all day, so I needed to wait for a riding opportunity.

On Sunday we finally had a beautiful, 60 degree morning - perfect for an inaugural ride with the new setup.  You can see the Planet Bike Protege 9.0 cycle computer that I installed.  Also, a very handsome Knog Maxi saddlebag holds my tools and spare tubes.

I really like riding this bike so far.  The 46/17 gearing combination that I chose seems just right.  I can comfortably keep a 15-17 MPH pace, and can spin nicely up to about 22 MPH.  I have been able to climb some decent hills by standing in the saddle and counting 20 strokes at a time.  I'm up to about 80 strokes for the longest hills I've tackled so far.  I will have some pretty strong legs within a month or so if that keeps up!

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