Thursday, April 21, 2011

Windsor Clockwork: Saddle and Tires

It's a fun coincidence that my Brooks Saddle is currently "Out for delivery" from Saddle Brook, New Jersey.

I ordered a model B17 in custom Mandarin orange.  I already have a large container of Lexol leather conditioner, formally used on the seats of my 1985 Porsche 911 Carrera, with which to soften and treat it.  The leather is hard and thick at first, but it sure does look nice.  It's an auburn color - a bit of orange, red, and brown together - but it matches well to my eye.

Next came some Vittoria Zaffiro Pro II all white tires.  Now the black handlebar wrap is clashing big time, but it's not going to be on for very long.  Tan cork will be replacing it once my Nitto handlebars arrive.

I did take her out for an 11 mile ride in some hellacious wind this afternoon.  Warm weather is having a hard time making itself known in New Jersey this Spring.  It's either rain, cold, or wind.  Temps in the 50s are fantastic when it's sunny and calm.  But so far we haven't been so lucky.  Anyway, I think I chose my gear wisely.  The climbs are tough, but I can see where my legs will get stronger as the season progresses.  The flats are about perfect though, and my cadence on downhills seems to get to a reasonably fast pace before I have to bail and coast.

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